Atlanta Community Cats

Some of our TNR colonies are along the developing BeltLine. Well maintained Feral Cat Sanctuaries along the BeltLine is a vision we are researching and developing in a feasability study incorporating complex and humane ecological factors:

  • We have walked the NE Beltline section presently being developed with a 5 M grant.
  • We have begun a dialog with the BeltLine.
  • Good cat sanctuary  and feeding station design may or may not be feasable. There are ecological food chain factors to take into account such as fox and coyote populations that tend to feed on unwary or inexperienced feral cats. We are researching precedents and humanely and intelligently addressing these newly evolved and many times distressing ecological food chain factors. Please read our Coyote Watch section.
  • It is a fact that coyotes and foxes have evolved to become incredibly intelligent to outsmart human populations, and a feral cat population around predators evolves to have really smart cats that learn to avoid being eaten. All the same, it is heart-breaking when old time favorite feral cats disappear with reported coyotes sightings. People with domestic cats should especially keep them inside--this indoor royalty doesn't stand a 2 second chance against these incredibly smart and hungry wild foxes and coyotes.