Atlanta Community Cats


A.R.T. Cats for Kids:

We go into pre-schools and explain about the trials and tribulations of the many cats that live outdoors, especially along the Atlanta Rail Trail (get it? A.R.T., Atlanta Rail Trail... we thought it was a well boding acronym!). Feral cat drawing and coloring is also part of the agenda. Here are some meowumental results:


Feral EcoCat Advocacy slide presentations:

We will give a talk with a PowerPoint slide presentation to your neighborhood group or business about TNR and controlling feral cat populations, covering many points on this website such as:
  • Why trapping and euthanizing cats or coyotes doesn't work for long because of the vacuum effect-others just come and take their emptied places in the eco system.
  • Successful city policies and projects.
  • How it is done and how your neighborhood benefits.
  • TNR allows a feral cat population to naturally decease while controling rodent populations.